How to Improve Memory Power and Concentration for Students

Everyone dreaming to be number one student in their classes. Aren’t you? If you want to become a brilliant student, you can achieve that within a short span of time. Are you thinking, you have low memory capacity and you can’t study well ever?  Here are some simple tips that will help you listen study and memorize a topic.  Top students or brilliant students are using only 10% of their brain capacity, so each and every student can become topper in studies. Actually everyone have the ability but they are not using it. You can improve your memory capacity at any age, it is scientifically proved and this ability of human brain is called “Neuroplasticity”, don’t think you are so late.

Memory power and Concentration

First of all you should be confident. Don’t think about anything that happened just before this moment, may be you failed in all subjects in last exam. If you want to become a bright student, start from this moment and follow below steps. First we can start from your school/institution. First you have to listen well for this you want to improve your concentration.


Concentration generally means that focusing to a particular thing. For concentrating to anything you need a powerful mind set. If you want to be a good student, first of all you have to improve your concentration, may be you can’t set your mind on a particular thing continuously. You should make a mind set to improve concentration in the classrooms as well as in studying. There should be a number of ways to concentrate on your studies. They are,

  • Make regular practice on your studies with good mind set.
  • Take meditation for few minutes that will help you to give a pleasant mind, physical and mental rest.
  • Sleep well at least 8 hours.
  • Find out a proper place for your studies.
  • Find out some effective methods to study.
  • Avoid multitask works, do only one thing at a time.

How to be in a Classroom?

You can be a perfect student in your class by concentrating the classes properly. You may feel some difficulties to concentrate well in classroom such as, you can’t focus on classes and you can’t capture the lessons etc. Don’t worry, you can clear these kinds of problems.

When you are listening a class means, just you create a colorful three dimensional visual of that particular topic in your mind. Make images with maximum reality. Make modifications according to your needs.

Don’t forget to take lecture notes, try to write the notes in your own sentence. Then read it like a three dimensional image, but don’t leave the important words. Focus your eyes on teacher and focus your mind on three dimensional visual of that topic. If you can follow these few steps you can eliminate the difficulties in classroom.

How to be in your home and your study place?

For improving the memory capacity means you should possess good concentrating skills. You can practice the basic things from the home itself to achieve good concentration. Because in home you all freedom to read loudly and you can make more imaginations without any restrictions. Practice regularly for the studied lessons at the classroom.

How to arrange your study room?

Study room shows how you are studying about.  For better concentration you have to arrange your study room neatly.

  • Select a place with proper light. The light should focus on your book not your face. If the light focuses on your face you may feel distracted and sometimes you feel headache.
  • Arrange books in an order, so you can get your books easily. If the books are not in order or you can’t find the books in correct time you will get distracted and loss your attention from studies.
  • Study room should be neat.
  • Set timing for the studies.
  • Keep some snacks near to you.
  • Don’t get any interference from anything else.
    It is impossible to find a study place with 0% noise, so avoid maximum distractions and give more importance to your studies.

Read with maximum attention

While you are reading a topic means bring the 3 dimensional visual to your mind which was created at classroom. Make sentence by sentence modifications whenever it is necessary. Read repeatedly twice or thrice on the three dimensional visual. Somebody can understand the topic immediately after reading but somebody needs more time, it is based on your concentration. Suppose you need more time, don’t worry after a few days you can improve it.

How to set the time?

Set a timetable according to your requirements. You should select a proper timing for the studies. Don’t allot time for studies when you are tired. You have to make a time table according to your interest and time. If you are studying more than 30 or 40 minutes continuously you will get bored, so take small breaks and you can have snacks or fruits during the breaks.  Don’t study same subject continuously, change the subject after a particular time. By using these simple steps you can improve your concentration.


Now you learned about how to study a subject with maximum concentration, but you want to memorize the topics for long time. For students memory power is very important, if you are studied everything and you can’t recover from your memory after some days or months then there is no use with your effort for concentration. Actually you have good memory capacity but the following tips will boost your memory capacity.

You can use a simple technique. Try to recover the topic from your memory after your studies. After studying a topic utilize 3 minutes to do some other activity or study another topic, after 3 minutes try to recover from your memory. Now it is so simple for you, memorize the first visual and then make modifications step by step. If you can’t recover complete sequence then open your study material and revise once and recover it. After 3 hours, do the same step. Now you try to write the studied topics on your rough book. Then compare with notebook for correction. After 3 days also do the same step, try to recover the topic from your memory. After recovering from memory write that topic on rough book. I am sure now you get wonder about your memory.

You can be a successful or brilliant person in your life by taking some medications and exercises regularly. The first step to become a successful person is improving your concentration skills and memory skills. Consider all the lessons visually and concentrate only in your studies. Then only you can memorize the lessons long time.

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